Report pregnancy beta a situation, the Executioner demanded. He saw how Toby slowly goes on the hill to the car, and the same minute weak peep of a quartz chronometer was distributed. To the right of it Toby Randzher ran in shelter, and Lyons jumped out of the car and rushed to bushes. We start operation, Lyons right there responded. Bolan made a turn and pressed the microphone button it there was the last check before decisive fight.

The executioner fell by twenty meters and, having left a smooth bend, flew by directly over the house. So far everything corresponded to the plan. I begin bombing, in turn, Bolan reported and began to reduce height carefully. The last counting went.

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Fortunately, Smiley's position did winstril not become complicated. Smiley Dablin was necessary to worry heavy night after secret visit of Bolan. These traveled with light baggage and captured with themselves only personal bodyguards. Then the flow of alarmed visitors rushed and there took place the whole series of confidential meetings. The first was Lu Topachetti accompanied by group of "gorillas" with dead-pans, behind it the Penny and Rodani with a speckled group from "the Cave of Oahu".

Approximately in an hour there arrived Pete Dominic and Martie Flora, representatives of the New York mafia. Anyhow?. They arrived by helicopter, obviously, from far away. The general was raving with fury, he made a cruel rating to security service and personally checked the main posts.

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asked obviously reading novel "Jaws" of Carrhae. Be it big white, we would not talk now … Sword fish. Big white?.

And - and-and!. Small black!. Frost burst out laughing.

And suddenly, imagine, the akulishcha appears. I, of course, did not obey, otmakhat three hundred from the coast of yards.

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But why equipoise profile is also not present?. Bolan's look thoughtfully slipped on the night sky where among bright stars the full moon shone. It such piece like a big kite?.

I never tried to fly in Hawaii... Yes.


Frost escaped from a radio cabin and began to make the orders which were strange contradicting the recent orders said on the running bridge of transport. Are afraid to start skirmish with Mexicans. Tell from where we go, only, certainly, words about soldiers and the weapon. Approximately the same he shouted in the megaphone to the captain "Angela-three". About diversion, by itself, hold back.

To clean immediately from eyes down with all machine guns!. Shooters, shoo from here!. To cover a gun!. On Frost's forearm the narrow palm of Marina Agilar-Garcia softly laid down. Remind children that around neutral waters.