For what, why, what devil?. To the mentioned subject of people found strange and very effective application. the Swede by the name of Svernbyorg inquired.

The will is master's … The highway were protected by four. Blows poured one by one. Here Frost had a special calculation.

But had the weighty branch covered with long, apparently, extremely strong prickles. The mercenary carefully examined the country road. Two wooden columns were driven in a roadside of the highway.

Between them, attached for a collar by two ropes, helplessly coiled even opportunities to rush about to it did not leave a reddish doggie. Not big, mighty, capable to defend a dog, and small, for certain a harmless and meek creature. The person, with obvious pleasure, very much beat an ill-fated dog frightening shpitsruteny.

The dog already threw out language and only quietly, infinitely plaintively screamed. In Monte-Asul such roads call "highway". In any case, three from them were obviously the soldiers dressed in a full field form.

To the guy, Frost thought, probably, just it is pleasant to torture. Anyone … Here also found the convenient victim … Mi to attack?. Frost did not hurry to tell something certain about the fourth because this worthy personality bared to a belt, at herself had neither signs of army distinction, nor the weapon.

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Frost propecia cancer cried. !. The concrete pillbox which caused attacking so many troubles and troubles, in fact, ceased to exist. Stood.

The escaped servants probably remaining in the first floor poured out outside and, being unsteady, the deafened, covered with wounds contused, lost under shots time of the cheered-up mercenaries. To set aside fire!. To set aside!. The top part of a construction where large-caliber machine guns and bombers, precisely a cow language of a sliznul settled down.

Struck a deafening shot.

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The slightest delay could cost propecia cancer to Bolan human pituitary growth hormone life, and he on a habit instantly estimated a situation. One of them groaned on a floor under fragments, the second moved back to an opposite wall, getting the revolver from a holster, and the third tried to slip out for a door. But there were three bodyguards.

The following door looked very impressively. Inserting on the run a new holder, Bolan ran in in a room where he shortly before it Joy Puli waited for an audience at the owner of Oahu. Bolan did not begin to lose on this door of precious seconds, grabbed a wooden chair on which the last the little messenger sat, with a force threw a chair in a mirror wall and directed in the formed breach.

Behind a wall there was dimly lit guard house in which there was nothing, except two stools and the control panel. For certain, in it electronic blocking was established. "Beretta" coughed in that party from where immediate threat proceeded.

Since the Executioner left an elevator cabin, did not pass also minutes.

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Under other circumstances to watch sure actions of police officers would be for Harold Bronyola a true pleasure. All beach was surrounded on perimeter of park. Strange picnic on Kukhio's beach came to an end. Ahead Imperial Fire and all that could be behind this name lay.

The operational group of police of Honolulu was the harmonious, well prepared division. Dense puffs crept over the beach, creeping in palm bosks. But now, when he became the direct participant of events, the federal soldier felt from all this almost physical pain. Field investigators knew the business.

Mack Bolan and Smiley slowly send on depth and surely directed to a coral reef. Patterson directed operation from the helicopter.

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Through garrets propecia cancer. Mercenaries pricked up the ears. That, in fact, same. You see my friends, the initial plan had a tactical defect. The confidential course shown by Marina brings to a roof.

We will get into the palace more gracefully.